My Love for J’ouvert is Now an Art Exhibit in Brooklyn.


This is a dream come true for me! My passion for celebrating my Caribbean heritage through my talents has officially entered the art world. After many experiments, I debuted an immersive video presentation of Trinidad & Tobago’s j’ouvert traditions as part of the J’ouvert Genesis Immersive Experience at the Lefferts House Historic Museum in Brooklyn, New York. In this experience you will come with me to j’ouvert with a true first person perspective using VR headsets.

This is my first fully realized 360° video experience, and pulling it off was an adventure of its own. It’s also my first entry into the art exhibition world. It was amazing to watch people’s excitement when they put on the headset on opening day.

I’ll be bringing it to my YouTube channel soon. Be sure to subscribe!

Thank you to the JouvayFest Collective, City Lore, and the Prospect Park Alliance for creating a space to celebrate j’ouvert traditions. Big big thanks to Paramin artist Kenderson Noray for welcoming me into this special place you call home. And asé to the spirits, my ancestors and the Most High for aligning this expression of all of our visions and passions.